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Special opportunity for serious investors to get a high return on a positive-impact investment. An ethical and socially responsible investment opportunity in a cutting-edge and rapidly scalable global enterprise, which will make a huge positive impact by uplifting millions of people’s lives.

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There’s a huge demand for effective solutions in mental health (e.g. anxiety, depression, burn-out, PTSD, and other stress-related conditions) as well as related mind-body diseases that have no effective medication or treatment today.

Many patients receive medications for symptoms (e.g. antidepressants) that do not address the cause of the problem and have negative side effects. There are not enough therapists to answer the demand, and the therapy methods provided by the NHS (or other healthcare providers in other countries) are not effective enough for most of the patients who receive them, e.g. about 60% of people who received treatment for PTSD do not recover.

1.1 Billion

People with general mental health disorders

500 Million

Sufferers of anxiety and depression

1.4 Billion

People with Disorder of Gut-Brain Interactions and other mind-body conditions

Several companies have developed some solutions (e.g. offering remote therapy on a monthly-subscription basis such as Cerebral, or digital apps such as Calm). Although these companies are now worth billions, they don’t provide effective scalable solutions for the majority of sufferers of depression, anxiety, IBS, etc.

MindLife’s Innovative Solutions

A digital platform that enables conversion of any type of face-to-face therapy into a remote therapy and/or hybrid therapy. This enables creation of a library of solutions that can be tailored to address diverse user needs.

Advanced AI to tailor and match users with the optimal personalised solution for their particular needs and preferences.

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BioView: Advanced technology that enables analysis of user’s emotions, stress level, breathing, and heart-rate, in real time – just from the user’s face and voice. This will be useful as a biofeedback for the patient and therapist to improve user outcomes.

Evidence-Based therapy: We’ve integrated advanced psychological science with the best technology, which has already been demonstrated as effective in RCTs. We’ve recently received a large Innovate UK grant to cover the cost of 2 large RCTs to show that our solutions are more effective- and cost-effective than existing solutions.

Opportunity for Investors

We are offering an ethical and socially responsible investment opportunity in a cutting-edge and rapidly scalable global enterprise, which will make a huge positive impact by uplifting the lives of millions of people

We’ve recently won an Innovate UK grant that will enable us to complete UpLift, and show its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in 2 RCTs. We’ve also completed UpLift4Work and shown its effectiveness to reduce burnout and improve wellbeing in 2 RCTs. We’re now looking to raise funds to accelerate development, marketing and roll-out of the UpLift4Work, and prepare our solutions for other countries.

We believe that MindLife has the potential to become a unicorn and that investors who join at this stage will benefit greatly from this opportunity.

  • The opportunity of a high return on investment within six years.
  • Unique innovation, patents and IP
  • Led by a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record of founding innovative companies and growing them internationally
  • Collaborating with world-leading experts in the UK and around the world
  • Solutions which will appeal to many millions and answer important unmet needs
  • EIS Knowledge Intensive tax benefits

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