Illustration of scientists doing AI/Brain research

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have revolutionised medical research in recent years. By harnessing the power of large data sets and advanced machine learning algorithms, researchers can now make discoveries that were once impossible.

For example, big data has been used to develop new drugs and disease treatments. One recent study used big data to identify a new potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. AI was also used to create a new breast cancer screening tool that is more accurate than current methods.

Big data and AI are also being used to improve the efficiency of clinical trials. By using big data to identify patients who are most likely to respond to a certain treatment, researchers can save time and money by only enrolling these patients in clinical trials.

Research Partnerships

In collaboration with research organisations in the UK and USA, MindLife is actively developing tools, algorithms and analytical insights to improve the quality of care for patients worldwide. Our work is validated using randomised clinical trials to ensure that our technology is both evidence-based and effective. This enables MindLife to more readily bring the fruits of our research to market for use in national and regional healthcare organisations.

Research partnerships are a vital aspect of MindLife’s product development. We welcome closer collaboration with both researchers as well as research funding bodies in the areas of mental health and related mind-body conditions.