Healthcare Organisations

Illustration of healthcare worker suffering burnout

Currently, healthcare services struggle to adequately cater to the needs of patients with mental health and stress-related conditions. Lengthy waiting lists, high treatment costs, and the limited effectiveness of traditional one-to-one therapy sessions pose significant challenges. Current approaches are not only expensive but also require a substantial number of therapists, leading to long waiting lists for services.

UpLift Your Life: A next-generation solution

  • Evidence-based. Latest psychological and behavioural science; transdiagnostic treatment.
  • Cutting-edge. Advanced technology and innovations, including:
    -AI/machine learning to stratify patients and match them to the most effective, relevant interventions (StratCare)
    -Digital platform (Ai-Leap) to create interactive multimedia content, with built in conferencing facilities delivered to smartphones, tablets, and computers.
    -Emotional/biomarker capture and analysis using the patient’s camera (BioView).
  • Personalised. Self-help app with specific, targeted psycho-education content, animations, and skills practices designed to create new habits and improve well-being.
  • Humans. Genuine positive human relationships and group cohesion provide a safe, trusted, supportive and empathic environment where patients can build confidence, explore, understand and transform their experiences.

What MindLife can do for your organisation

Patient assessment

Digital Assessment enables patients to assess themselves, monitor their mental well-being, identify their mental and emotional health needs, and view available services.

Patient checklist

Computerised Triage to help an assessor recommend the most relevant therapy option for a patient (using StratCare localised for your population).

All-seeing eye

Supervise and Improve the provision of mental health services by monitoring how the user is progressing in each session, and provide recommendations to the therapist for improving the outcome (using AiOracle, the best Measurement-Based Care).

Below you can see the diagram of the patient flow for healthcare organisations (e.g. the NHS) using UpLiftYourLife:

Illustration of how MindLind's Uplift products can improve NHS mental health treatment
  1. Patients referred to treatment are assessed and stratified with the help of StratCare (MindLife’s patient stratification software based on AI/machine learning, tested and proven effective in an RCT with more than a thousand NHS patients). StratCare recommends suitable treatment paths – ranging from self-help to low-intensity or high-intensity therapy – based on AI-driven analysis. Its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness has been demonstrated through a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) with over a thousand NHS patients.
  2. Most patients can be treated with UpLift Remote Therapy. This can be either remote group therapy or 1:1 therapy for patients who need it. UpLift is based upon the Unified Protocol, a transdiagnostic treatment, with an additional personalised app for each user according to their specific needs.
  3. UpLift includes, as an optional feature, BioView which enables monitoring and analysis of emotions and stress levels of patients using their computer or mobile camera. This can be used for biofeedback by patients on their or with their therapist.
  4. AiOracle is an AI-based recommendation and prediction tool which measures patient progress, predicts the probability of recovery, and recommends to therapists if and when to offer extra support to patients who are not on track to recover.

Several of the components of UpLift have already been proved effective in RCTs. MindLife has recently been awarded an Innovate UK grant which includes funds to cover 2 large RCTs to demonstrate that UpLift is more effective and cost-effective than existing solutions.

UpLift has been developed using MindLife’s AI-leap digital platform which enables us to tailor the content and intervention according to needs of specific organisations, cultures and patient groups. Therefore, we’ll be able to customise UpLift according to the needs of your healthcare organisation.

Join us in revolutionising mental health. Together, let’s bridge the gap, enhance outcomes, and pioneer a new era of comprehensive, accessible, and effective mental health solutions.