Healthcare Organisations

Illustration of healthcare worker suffering burnout

Mental health services are under immense pressure to provide care for an ever-growing number of patients with mental illness and mind-body conditions (such as IBS) for which there is no identifiable cause.

In order to meet the needs of their patients, healthcare services must set realistic goals and targets. However, these goals and targets are often unattainable due to the lack of resources available. This can lead to frustration and burnout among mental health professionals.

It is essential that medical and mental health services are given the support they need in order to provide the best care possible for their patients. Otherwise, the already immense pressure on these services will only continue to grow.

In partnership with you

MindLife provides more effective and cost-effective solutions to manage and treat the population, helping healthcare organisations fulfil their mandate and meet their targets in medical and mental healthcare. Our solutions provide better tools to reduce therapists work load, and help them improve therapy outcomes and patient well-being.

We provide more effective solutions for the user journeys of individual patients in your care:

  1. RCT-supported computerised technologies to assess each patient and find the most effective therapy type and path for them.
  2. Digital tools for mental health therapists to improve patient outcomes and enable them to treat more patients more effectively.
  3. Blended therapy technologies that combine low-cost digital self-help tools with professional treatments and oversight.
  4. Enabling healthcare organisations to provide self-help interventions directly to your client/members, which can reduce costs and make your services more attractive to people.
  5. Enabling healthcare organisations to track patient progress and analyse which interventions and therapies were more effective; enabling you to provide or improve recommendations and guidelines to your healthcare professionals.
  6. MindLife can, of course, customise these solutions according to your particular organisation’s requirements.

What MindLife can do for your organisation

Patient assessment

Digital Assessment enables patients to assess themselves, monitor their mental well-being, identify their mental and emotional health needs, and view available services.

Patient checklist

Computerised Triage to help an assessor recommend the most relevant therapy option for a patient (using StratCare localised for your population).

All-seeing eye

Supervise and Improve the provision of mental health services by monitoring how the user is progressing in each session, and provide recommendations to the therapist for improving the outcome (using AiOracle, the best Measurement-Based Care).