What We Do

By combining 21st-century technology with wisdom, science, psychology, fun and creativity, we produce inspirational Apps to help millions improve their lives. We’re also developing tools and solutions for therapists and healthcare organisations to improve their outcomes and treat more people more effectively. We’ve also developed blended and self-help solutions to help employees to improve their well-being and reduce the risk of burnout.   

We’re developing a series of interactive applications which encourage and help people to have a better understanding of themselves and discover their strengths, qualities and values. These applications include interactive tools for improving resilience, confidence, cognition and behaviour, and helping people to attain their goals.

We collaborate with organisations and experts with similar missions. We can customise our solutions, and add and convert existing methods and expertise into innovative computerised applications, which are both scalable and cost-effective.

Software and Apps

Our software platform Ai-Leap enables the rapid development of customised responsive interactive Apps and websites, and the conversion of face-to-face assessments and interventions into effective, appealing self-help applications.

Ai-Leap is an innovative platform which generates, stores and manages comprehensive libraries of object-oriented software and the “lifeware”, which are MindLife-patented therapeutic methods for assessment and treatment (see below).   

With the ability to monitor progress and effectiveness, these tools provide a useful approach for researchers and individuals to assess levels of improvement and impact.


Our aim is to provide methods which empower people to discover and nurture the best in themselves. People will enjoy using these solutions, and the beneficial and rewarding life progress they experience as a result.

We have coined the term “lifeware” to refer to any therapeutic method that can help people to resolve their personal problems and improve their life. Lifeware is extremely broad as it includes any cognitive, behavioural, psychological and scientific methods. Over many years, we have acquired vast expertise and valuable insight into how to best convert wisdom, science and user experience into effective, motivating lifeware solutions. We understand how to engage users, induce positive behavioural modification, inspire purpose and enable positive change. We use effective methods to encourage self-knowledge and development and to continually appeal to and inspire the user to achieve new levels of personal, cognitive and emotional growth.


MindLife has developed unique inexpensive sensors that can track and measure minute changes in a person’s autonomic nervous system, state, stress levels and emotions. These biosensors can provide feedback in real-time to both the therapist and the patient to record how the patient responds (even subconsciously) to specific questions, thoughts, images, etc.

Our biosensors can also enable the user to play games driven by the user’s mind and emotions, without touching the keyboard or screen. This “biosensor/biofeedback loop” can train users to improve their reactions, overcome phobias and traumas and remain calm under stressful situations.