Stratified care has the potential to improve depression treatment outcomes

A randomised controlled trial supported by MindLife using MindLife’s StratCare application to improve the mental health therapeutic process and clinical outcomes.

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RCT results published

Watch a presentation by Jaime Delgadillo from the Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield and the Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) explaining the results of the Randomised Clinical Trial, which used MindLife technologies.

Video summary of the StratCare Trial, which compared the effectiveness of stratified care vs. stepped care psychological interventions for depression and anxiety problems.


Key Points:

Question  Is stratified care an efficacious and cost-effective approach to psychological treatment selection compared with stepped care?

Findings  In this cluster randomised clinical trial of 951 adults with common mental disorders, stratified care was efficacious and cost-effective for the treatment of depression symptoms relative to stepped care.

Meaning  These findings suggest that stratified care has the potential to improve depression treatment outcomes.


Interview with Michael Barkham, PhD, and Jaime Delgadillo, PhD, authors of Stratified Care vs Stepped Care for Depression: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial. Hosted by John B. Torous, MD, MBI.