Screenshot if AiOracle

AiOracle is a new dynamic progress feedback system that enables therapists to assess and improve how their patients respond to treatment for all types of anxiety and depression (including PTSD, etc.). 

AiOracle analyses changes in the symptoms of each patient and their progress over a course of therapy, and calculates their probability of recovery and that they are on track to recover. It then provides this feedback to therapists along with recommendations. AiOracle is a world-leading example of Measurement-Based Care in mental health – therapists discussing measurement-based progress with patients to inform the course of therapy – which research has shown has a positive effect on patient recovery and treatment outcomes.

Recent research has shown that AiOracle is the most advanced and accurate mental health recovery prediction application currently available. MindLife has developed AiOracle in partnership with the Clinical and Applied Psychology Unit at the University of Sheffield.

To learn more about AiOracle, visit the AiOracle website.