Transforming Therapeutic Insights

Step into a new era of mental health care with AiOracle – an innovative dynamic progress feedback system poised to elevate therapists’ ability to assess and enhance treatment responses across a broad spectrum of common mental health issues including depression and the many different forms of anxiety. 

AiOracle is a world-leading example of the power of Measurement-Based Care in mental health. AiOracle meticulously analyses the shifts in symptom-severity and patient progress throughout each patient’s therapy journey, and calculates recovery probabilities. This knowledge allows therapists to have timely conversations with patients who are not on-track to recovery, and make any necessary adjustments to the therapy offered, with the result that recovery rates are significantly improved. 

The results of recent studies underscore AiOracle’s unmatched status as the premier mental health recovery prediction application. Developed in collaboration with the Clinical and Applied Psychology Unit at the University of Sheffield, AiOracle epitomises the fusion of innovation and expertise.

To discover the transformative potential of AiOracle we invite you to explore the AiOracle website.