Screenshot of StratCare application

StratCare is an advanced e-Triage stratification tool, designed to assist psychological therapists that MindLife has developed in partnership with the Clinical and Applied Psychology Unit at the University of Sheffield. People with depression and anxiety problems currently access “stepped care” psychological interventions in the NHS, which means starting all patients with low-intensity treatments, followed by high-intensity treatments for patients who need ongoing help.

However, a major problem with stepped care is that patients with more complex clinical presentations are less likely to benefit from low-intensity treatment and many drop out of therapy or deteriorate before they have the opportunity to access high-intensity treatments. StratCare analyses patient data gathered during the initial assessment to recommend either low- or high-intensity therapies based on the complexity of the patient’s clinical presentation. Complexity is assessed using an evidence-based model that combines demographic, personality and diagnostic information.

Clustered Randomised Clinical Trials were conducted using computerised assessment forms based on PHQ-9 and GAD-7 questionnaires and analysed using artificial intelligence algorithms.

The StratCare trial concluded that stratified care of patients was more clinically effective for the treatment of depression symptoms compared with the stepped-care treatment models in use today. Stratified care can improve depression treatment outcomes at a modest additional cost.

To learn more about StatCare, visit the StratCare website.